Welcome to my personal website

I would like it to be a place beside the information of my activities as a conductor, pedagogue and a professional of music a useful lobby for interchange if ideas and experiences in a bright minded sense of thinking. I believe in manhood and have always felt that music is a instrument to get people closer and helps for personal evolution. Therefore I went for orchestra conduction, convinced that this is not an exercise of power in a way to get criteria over, bur a possibility to coordinate activities,, in the sense of leadership, with the understanding of a mission: passing the message over! And coaching the process of interpretation, and that means:

Create the conditions that music may live in every instant, so that communication between human beings can be possible.

I always shall be grateful to my maestro, Sergiu Celibidache , for teaching and orienting me. Not only in the frame of conducting, but also in a general point of view of life, which has permitted me to find the way to realize this mission.

Francesc Llongueres, conductor