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  • The objective of the orchestra is the diffusion of the work of the Maestro Joan Llongueres (and that of his son, the Maestro Josep Jordi Llongueres) and, at the same time, it has an educational purpose, that of performing an orchestral training task for young musicians.
  • The orchestra (JOJLL) will be formed by musicians of medium and superior level and the orchestral formation will be symphonic.
  • The bases of the call for the participating musicians will be published in the spring and the admission tests will take place in the autumn.
  • The pedagogical team will be formed, on the one hand, by an artistic director and an assistant to perform the joint rehearsals and, on the other, with instrumental instructors representing the strings, wood, metal, percussion, etc. professional musicians who will be in charge of the partial reherarsals.
  • There are two productions per year:
    • Production nº1: Christmas (rehearsals: 4 weekends in three sessions (October / November months) and concerts (December / January).
    • Production nº2 in the Spring (rehearsals: 4 weekends in three sessions (months of March / April) and concerts (April / May).
    • For each production, two or three concerts will be organized for  Catalonia.
  • In the first part of the concert will be performed works by Joan Llongueras (and J.J. Llongueres) and / or composers of their time and environment and, in the second part, a popular program, (waltzes, marches, musical bands etc. .).
  • The productions will be promoted with the titles “El Nadal de Joan Llongueres” and “Les cançons I Jocs d’infants of Joan Llongueres”
  • In each concert there will be choirs of children from the schools of each locality where the concert will take place.
  • The organizing entity, the rehearsal room, the place of the concerts, etc. to determinate, also the economic supports
  • The project is in a design phase and will start in the year 2025.


  • It is a professional instrumental ensemble of heterogeneous and variable set, with the interaction and participation of professionals from other artistic and cultural sectors.
  • The objective is to promote the new catalan musical creation and spread it, as well as the music of the 20th and 21st centuries, in a very special concert format: “action / performance”.
  • The participants in the project will be organized in the form of a “cooperative”, distributing all the tasks: artistic, management, promotion, etc.
  • Bianually he chooses an external creator (composer / resident) who will program the works (also some premieres), and who will select the other composers who will participate. In each production an important work of the music of the 20th will also be performed, as a central work of the concert.
  • In the performances (“action / performance”) other artistic elements will intervene: multimedia support, dance, contemporary choreography, theatrical actions, decoration effects, luminosity, etc.
  • One production will be made per year.
  • The project is in a design phase, also in search of interested programmers and entities for economic support and, therefore, its implementation is planned for the year 2025.


  • The objective of the Orchestra of Cultures is to promote the interrelation of the different cultures that coexist in a territory through the musical fact, in a clear moment of growth of immigration, for economic reasons or political refuge.
  • The orchestra will have a heterogeneous format and will be formed by post-graduated musicians and professionals residing in Catalonia, but also coming from other countries. Instrumentalists and / or specific groups, already trained, from other cultures around the world will be added.
  • A call addressed to creators and musicians from other cultures will be designed in order to contribute their rhythms, compositions or themes of their respective places to work closely and jointly with our local composers and musicians, and create a work of participatory character: the “Symphony of Cultures “
  • The production will be biannual and dedicated to a specific cultural field (Africa, Asia, South America etc …) performing concerts throughout Catalonia, Spain and Europe.
  • The organization will be shared among several entities. On the one hand, the Schools and Conservatories of Music will intervene for the selection of musicians and for the artistic and other cultural matters for the management, logistics and promotional fields.
  • It is necessary the financial support of public Institutions (national and european) as well as that of private Entities.
  • This project is in a design phase and will be launched in the year 2025.